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Have you been forced to stop working because of your physical or mental health?  Then you may be entitled to SSI or Social Security disability benefits.  The most common question we hear as Michigan disability lawyers is “Will Social Security award me disability benefits?”

It is impossible to tell most claimants with certainty whether they will be awarded benefits.  But we can tell you that you should seriously consider pursuing benefits if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  1. Are you currently not working?
  2. Is the reason you cannot work one or more significant medical problems?
  3. Have these problems lasted or are they expected to last for at least a year?
  4. Are you unable to do the jobs you did during the past 15 years because of your medical problems?
  5. Are you unable to do other work because of your medical problems?

To learn more about how the Social Security Administration determines whether you are eligible for disability benefits, see The five-step sequential evaluation process.

Applying for Michigan Social Security disability benefits

You can apply for Social Security disability benefits over the phone, in person at a Social Security field office, or over the Internet.  Although you can apply without an attorney’s help, we do not recommend that you apply without the help of a lawyer. When hiring Whiting Law to handle your application, our Michigan disability attorneys can help gather the evidence required to prove your disability so that you get the earliest possible favorable decision. Most times, this evidence is not gathered until after your claim has been denied and you are in the appeal process, and this extra work at the initial application stage is why claimants who hire an experienced Social Security disability attorney often are more likely to succeed than those who apply on their own.

For further instructions and tips for applying, see Applying for disability or SSI benefits.

Appealing if your application is denied

We know that many disability claimants become discouraged when their applications are denied and just give up. The most important advice we can give you as experienced Michigan Social Security lawyers is do not give up when your claim is first denied. Request a hearing.

Although about two-thirds of all claims are initially denied, the likelihood of receiving benefits increases if you appeal. In fact, the majority of claimants who appeal to the hearing level are awarded benefits.

See our article Appealing a denial for details on how to request a hearing.

Why are claimants so much more successful at hearings?

Here are three key reasons:

  • Most claimants hire a disability lawyer to represent them at their hearings.  Social Security Administration statistics show higher rates of success with disability attorneys at every decision level.
  • While waiting for their hearings, successful claimants continue to see their doctors, follow treatment recommendations, and make sure their doctors document all their medical problems, not just the biggest one or two.
  • A hearing is the only time the decision maker gets to meet the claimant in person. The initial decision is made on the basis of a file of papers which often don’t give a complete picture of the claimant’s disability.

Be sure to get help from a Michigan disability lawyer long before your hearing. In fact, the sooner you get an attorney the better. The sooner a lawyer is involved, the greater the potential to make your case stronger.

To learn more about disability hearings, review Preparing for your hearing and Tips for testifying.

Whether you are just thinking about applying, waiting for a decision, or have received a denial letter, our website will provide you with useful information.  After reviewing it, we hope you will contact us for a free case evaluation.

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